• Our team

    We are an experienced team of creative individuals from Warsaw, Poland. Our goal is to help clients turn their ideas and passions into reality. After hours we implement our own projects, which for the moment need to stay hush hush. closerlook
  • Our advantages

    • Our team features people who have known each other for a long time.
    • We have many years of experience in IT technologies used in various fields.
    • Taking part in complex projects and making our clients happy is what we are in this business for.
    • We love mobile technologies
    • We want to be co-creators of the technological future of the planet we are on.
  • Our experience

    Our experience dates back to 2001 when - still as students - we faced more or less interesting professional challenges. Since then we worked for such companies as

    MicroStrategy Inc., Comarch, Agora SA, Polpharma SA, Lemon Sky / ADV, Pat & Rub, Gawker Media

    and several smaller clients. We implemented many white label projects and have numerous acquaintances in the field.
  • Mobile development, designing, prototyping

    We can develop for you any type of mobile application, take care of its maintenance, help with introducing it to the market and provide all necessary support. we will bring your employees up to the speed and help you plan your next steps in the world of mobile apps.
  • Web development, designing, prototyping

    Some of the applications we write require integration with web services, others need a web backend which we provide. oh, and if you need a website or a Facebook application, we may do something about that as well.
  • Helpdesk

    We will help you deal with stress in difficult situations. crisis recovery - what is wrong? when is the deadline? consulting - do you need help with your work? do you need verified answers? code repairs - do you want to change your current developer? have you been left with an unfinished code? feel free to contact us
  • You name it!

    Is there anything else you want to share with us?